The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day comes once a year on a day in June. For those of you wondering just why it is that our nation sets aside a special day for fathers, let’s put this in perspective. To begin with, if it weren’t for some random guy named Dad, you wouldn’t be here! When you really stop and think about it, it’s no laughing matter. After all, some guy named Dad cared enough about your future existence to marry your Mom and then hang around for 18 years while you grew from an embryo to an infant to a bratty teenager to a full grown adult. That’s quite some commitment, and a lot of time, money, and effort. Parenting is a two partner project, and it’s only natural to celebrate both partners alike.

So, the Fathers get their own day, each and every year, on June 16. Father’s Day means a great many things to a great many people. But most of us will agree that Father’s Day means the day in which you celebrate your Dad’s existence. Father’s Day is the day you bring your Dad a little gift. It’s the day we all say “Thank you for being there, Dad! Thanks for everything you did, and for just being you!” In this day and age of rampant divorce and parental abandonment, it’s more important than ever to pay our due tribute to the fathers who took the time and made the major commitment simply to Be There. There aren’t as many of such noble warriors as you might imagine.

Does Dad really want a gift for Father’s Day, or can you safely ignore it? Naturally, we don’t know the secret wishes and inclinations of every Dad in America. Some do, some don’t. But we’re pretty well sure that, even if your Dad doesn’t make a big deal out of the holiday (or any holiday for that matter, especially his birthday!), your Dad will certainly appreciate receiving some small trinket and token of your affection. Just don’t get all soppy and mushy about it! Ger Dad something useful, like a tool, or a sports memento, or something of the sort. In the end, it’s the gesture that really counts. Your Dad is sure to be very glad that you care enough about him to get him anything at all!

Choosing The Right Father’s Day Gift

No doubt, it can sometimes be quite difficult to choose the correct Father’s Day gift for your Dad. Fathers can be picky about what gifts they like and don’t like. Some Dads are very vocal with their opinions. Others affect a facade of “not caring” at all about holidays. Some Dads really don’t care, while others are just making a pretense of such cavalier unconcern. You’ve really got to know your father’s character well before you make a decision as to whether or not to purchase a Father’s Day gift for them. And, in the end, isn’t it better to simply err on the side of tradition? Let’s face it, no one turns down a free gift! And your Dad will always appreciate the gesture you extend to him.

Is it even possible to choose the wrong Father’s Day gift for your Dad? Well, certainly we don’t recommend buying him sexy lingerie or a set of bath soaps and perfumes! Some common sense is the obvious deciding factor here. After all, he’s already proved his masculine identity by becoming your Father in the first place! If you do end up with the wrong set of gifts for him, it’s more of a faux pas then a tragedy. Simply save the receipts, and let him return the gifts you’ve bought. He can easily exchange them for others which are more to his liking. In the end, if nothing else, you’ve given him a ticket for free stuff, and he certainly won’t turn that down. It’s the gesture that counts!

So, the key is to choose gifts which are appropriate to his age group, as well as his range of interests and hobbies. Below we’ve highlighted many different classes of dads, along with gift ideas for dads in each of those classes. Is your dad an Adventurer or a Gamer? Take a look below to see if we’ve got a class that fits your dad, then check out its associated gift ideas to get him a gift he’s sure to love!

  1. The Adventurer
  2. The Football Fan
  3. The Guitarist
  4. The Businessman
  5. The Fisherman
  6. The NASCAR Fan
  7. The Academic
  8. The DIY Guy
  9. The Movie Buff
  10. The Chef
  11. The Cigar Aficionado
  12. The Wine Aficionado
  13. The Gamer
  14. The Techie
  15. The Coffee Fiend

The Adventurer

No one knows why some Dads hear the call of the wild outdoors more keenly than others. But one thing’s for sure: your Adventurer can’t stand to be inside when there’s work to be done, and adventure to be had! So this Father’s Day, give your Adventurer everything he needs to make his time outside as exciting and productive as possible, and here are a few ideas so you can do just that.

Hiking Backpack

If your Outdoors Dad is an avid hiker, why not get him a brand new Hiking Backpack? He can fill it up with all the supplies he needs to make his hiking odyssey complete, whether he’s hiking the Appalachian Trail, or just spending a few nights camping at the local lake. A safely prepared hike is a happy, productive hike!

Our recommendation: TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

A New Tent

Whether your Outdoors Dad spends his vacation days camping in the mountains, out in the desert, or at the side of a beautiful lake or river front, one thing is certain. Your Outdoors Dad will need a brand new, top notch, camping tent to keep him safe from the elements and any big furry bears that might come snooping by!

Our recommendation: Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent


If your Outdoors Dad is prone to investigating his environment in the dark, or is disturbed in his tent at night by mysterious sounds, it’s a pretty good idea to gift him this Father’s Day with a brand new, top of the line, Lantern for just these occasions. Better to be safe than sorry, and a new Lantern is a gift your Outdoors Dad will definitely appreciate!

Our recommendation: Streamlight The Siege Lantern

High Quality Hiking Boots

If your Outdoors Dad spends a lot of time hiking out in the mountains or in the desert, he’ll need a brand new pair of top notch hiking boots. Outdoors terrain can vary from season to season, and sometimes from hour to hour. This Father’s Day, make sure your Outdoors Dad has the best pair of hiking boots you can possibly provide. Prepared is pre-armed!

Our recommendation: Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Hiking Boot

Water Pack

If your Dad spends a lot of time out of doors, braving the elements, as he embarks on treks to the mountains or desert, then one sure fire winner of a gift for Father’s Day will be a Water Pack! Make sure your Dad is never far away from an easily accessed source of clean, safe water! It’s the best way to ensure that he returns home from his solitary travels, safe and sound!

Our recommendation: Camden Gear Hydration Pack

The Football Fan

If your household features a Football Fan, you may already have a pretty good idea of what to get for him when Father’s Day comes around. But what do get the Football Fanatic who already has seemingly everything a reasonable sports fan could collect? Here are some helpful suggestions that just might answer this age old question.

His Favorite Player’s Jersey

No matter what your football dad’s favorite team may be, there’s a jersey you can buy him that has his favorite player on it. If your Dad is still sporting Joe Montana or Joe Namath on his back, bring him up to speed with a brand new team jersey that doesn’t have all his friends teasing him about being The Eternal Throwback!

Get authentic NFL jerseys on

NFL-themed Mini Fridge

Now, here’s a handy item that you can gift your Football loving Dad on his special day! Get your Football Dad an officially licensed NFL Mini Fridge! It’s the perfect storage unit for brewskis, wings, and game time snacks! Never let your Dad go hungry or thirsty during the Big Game again!

Our recommendation: NFL Counter Top Refrigerated Beverage Center

An Old Fashioned Football

Your Football Dad is a firm believer in sports tradition, and probably his fair share of athletic superstition to boot. So when this Father’s Day rolls around, give your Football Dad his very own old fashioned football! This officially licensed “old school” Wilson football is the perfect gift for tradition loving Game Day warriors of every age!

Our recommendation: Wilson NFL MVP Football

Huge Foam Finger

Who’s Number One! This Father’s Day, your Football Dad can finally know the answer, when he puts it on his finger and points it straight at the mirror, just before the Big Game commences! And when the Big One comes on, he won’t need to shout encouragement at the screen. He can just point and send his message straight to the field!

Our recommendation: No. 1 Foam Finger, 18″

An Authentic NFL Football Helmet

No matter if your Football Dad is an avid amateur player, or simply a weekend Game Day couch potato, you can get him a classic gift that will get him straight into the moment! This Father’s Day, get your Football Dad an officially licensed NFL helmet from his favorite team, and let him really get into the team spirit!

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The Guitarist

When it’s time to boogie down on Father’s Day, make sure your Guitar Player Dad has all the necessary tools of the trade! It’s easy enough to pick out a few choice gifts that will have your old man rockin’ the Fillmore in no time!

Electric Guitar

Your Guitar Player Dad is a member of a special breed. He’s a responsible, family oriented guy, who has all of P’s and Q’s in order, priority wise. But, when the weekend rolls around, look out! It’s time to rock out and burn the garage down! So make sure your Guitar Playing Dad has a fresh new battle axe to troubleshoot his blues away!

Our recommendation: Fender Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar in Brown Sunburst

Acoustic Guitar

Of course, not all Guitar Player Dads are the weekend rock and roller types. Some Dads prefer a nice quiet hour or two spent on the sofa with the soothing strains of their acoustic guitar. So if your folkie Dad doesn’t have a gitbox of his own to strum on, why not take this opportunity to get him one?

Our recommendation: Fender Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar


You can’t have electric music without electricity, so when it comes to supplying your Guitar Player Dad with all of the necessary equipment for his weekend garage jam, make sure he’s got the amps for the jam! If your Dad loves it loud, why skimp? Get him a fresh new Line Spider amp, sit back, and watch the blues be chased away!

Our recommendation: Marshall DSL Series 15-Watt Guitar Combo Amp

Guitar Case

When it’s time for your Guitar Player Dad to strap on his battle axe, and lay down some righteous jams, make sure he’s got a handy, portable guitar case to draw his prized possession out of! When your Dad’s done rockin’ for the day, he’ll appreciate having a safe, handy place to store his precious melody maker!

Our recommendation: Musician’s Gear Hardshell Dreadnaught Case

Guitar Picks

When it’s time to pick up a gift for your Guitar Player Dad, you may as well do just that: pick up his spirits with plenty of fresh new guitar picks! Your Guitar Player Dad will appreciate having lots of shiny new picks to scratch out a tune with! It truly is the gift that keeps on giving, one gig at a time!

Our recommendation: D’Addario Assorted Pearl Celluloid Guitar Picks

The Businessman

Your Businessman Dad spends hours at the office, and even more hours on the go. So, when it’s time for Father’s Day, why not reward all his efforts with a nice set of gifts that will help make his hectic days easier to deal with? Your Dad will appreciate the thought you put into your Father’s Day gifts!

Laptop Case

If you have a Businessman for a Dad, you know how hectic his day to day schedule can be, what with all the traveling he has to do. If your Dad is the kind of guy who’s frequently called away on short notice, why not make his frenetic schedule a little easier by getting him a nice case for his laptop, so he’ll never misplace or damage it while on the run?

Our recommendation: Case Logic 15.6-Inch Laptop Attache

Laptop Computer

Your Businessman Dad has a lot on his plate. Frequent deadlines, piles and piles of new work, meetings all over the city, and frequently all over the country. Help your Businessman Dad make sense of his constant assignments, deadlines, and travel schedules by getting him a laptop he can refer to anywhere he goes.

Our recommendation: ASUS 15.6” High Performance Premium HD Laptop


Believe it or not, plenty of Businessman Dads still complete a lot of their work the old fashioned way: by hand! Even at the height of the modern digital age, your Businessman Dad could use a fancy new ballpoint pen to sign his name to all sorts of documents, authorizations, personal requests, and Mother’s Day cards!

Our recommendation: Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen

Bluetooth Headset

Your Businessman Dad is a man who is constantly on the go. Even sitting down to talk to a customer or superior for five minutes might compromise his busy schedule. Why not make your businessman Dad’s day much easier by getting him a nice Bluetooth headset, with which he can be on the cusp of developments no matter where he may physically be?

Our recommendation: Plantronics M180 Wireless Bluetooth Headset

An Expensive New Tie

A Businessman tends to go through ties very quickly, not only because they use them so often but also because men tend to be utilitarians, which means skimp on things they don’t think are that important, like a high quality tie. Don’t let them fool you though – if you got them a fancy, high-end tie, they would absolutely love it!

Our recommendation: Gucci ‘Imera’ Interlocking Italian Silk Tie

The Fisherman

Some Dads enjoy nothing more than a relaxing afternoon spent down on the banks of the nearby river or lake, catching trout and salmon by the fistful, or at least telling tales about “the one that got away”! If your Dad is an avid fisherman, consider getting him some classy Father’s Day that he can really put to hook, line, and good use!

Fishing Rod

If you want to give your Fisherman Dad the gift that keeps on giving this Father’s Day, why not start right at the beginning? Get your Fisherman Dad a fishing rod that will keep him bringing in the big game, each and every time he goes out in his boat? Every Sunday is Big Game Day, with football and rainbow trout, thanks to this little gem!

Our recommendation: St. Croix Premier Casting Rod

Fishing Hat

If your Fisherman Dad loves to go out on the lake in his favorite boat, or spend a few tranquil hours on the shores of a nearby river, chances are good that he’s come back with a bad case of sunburn from time to time. Let’s put a stop to that once and for all by getting him a classic Fisherman’s Hat that will shield his head from those harmful rays!

Our recommendation: LETHMIK Summer Fishing Sun Hat

Hip Waders

If your Fisherman Dad is sick of ruining pair after pair of jeans and pants by wading into the creek to wrestle with that pesky, hard to catch, trout, then the solution for a Father’s Day gift is obvious. Just get him some hip wader boots, and he need never worry about plunging in after that rascally salmon again! These boots are made for fishin’, and that’s just what they’ll do!

Our recommendation: Hodgman Mackenzie Cleated Nylon/PVC Boot-foot

Tackle Box

If your Fisherman Dad is a well prepared Dad, you know that he hates to depart for the local fisherman’s creek without all of the necessary gear in store. So when this Father’s Day rolls around, why not meet him at the gate with a stylish, well constructed, tackle box that will store all of his gear in one handy location?

Our recommendation: Plano Angled Tackle System

Fishing Vest

Your Fisherman Dad will never feel chilly, or run the risk of catching a nasty cold again, when you dress him up with a handy, snuggly warm, fishing vest! This classic vest has all the necessary ingredients to make your Fisherman Dad’s day out at the lake or creek complete!

Our recommendation: Anglatech Fly Fishing Vest


If your family is headed up by a race loving NASCAR Fan, you can bet he already has a pretty comprehensive collection of odds, ends, and memorabilia related to his favorite past time. But here a few extra suggestions for your NASCAR Fan that might just make his Father’s Day holiday the best one he’s ever had! So, let’s lower the checkered flag and get ready to race for the gifts!


It’s a no-brainer, you might think. But, believe it or not, not every NASCAR Dad has a hat with the NASCAR logo and his favorite driver’s number on it! Some Dads have to make do with a baseball cap, or even a CAT cap! Let’s right that tremendous wrong right now, and get your Dad a hat he can show with pride come Racing Day!

Our recommendation: Meowcat Hats NASCAR Racing Logo Hat



Our recommendation: NASCAR Racing Logo Jacket

Earnhardt Nation: The Full-Throttle Saga of NASCAR’s First Family


Our recommendation: Get it on

NASCAR Tickets


Our recommendation: Get NASCAR tickets on

A Replica of Their Favorite Driver’s Car

If your NASCAR Dad is one of those pesky types that seemingly does have every bit of officially sanctioned NASCAR merchandise and memorabilia, take heart! This nifty little item might just be the one that he doesn’t yet have! Get your NASCAR Dad a 1/64 scale model replica of their favorite driver’s car, complete with logo and full NASCAR certification! These are bound to go quickly, and become a high dollar bit of NASCAR history, so act fast while supplies last!

Our recommendation: Lionel Racing Dale Earnhardt Jr. #88 Axalta 2016 Chevrolet SS NASCAR Diecast Car

The Academic

Your Academic Dad is a special kind of Dad. He prides himself on his intellectual achievements, and his meticulous attention to detail. So when Father’s Day comes around, reward your Academic Dad with a few well chosen gifts that show that he has taught his children well. Don’t let the opportunity to reward your Dad slip by!

Reading Lamp

Don’t let your Academic Dad spend long hours practically in the dark! Your Academic dad will certainly appreciate a handy desktop lamp when it comes time to grade papers or take notes for research purposes. Brighten up his Father’s Day, and he’ll never forget the day you finally showed him the light!

Our recommendation: BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp


This one ought to be a no-brainer, even if you don’t possess an Academic Dad. The truth is, nearly everything in the world is getting more portable and lightweight by the day. It’s finally time to dump those 1,000 pound book bags full of dusty old tomes, once and for all! Store them all on an e-reader, and save the back of your Academic Dad!

Our recommendation: Kindle Paperwhite

Book Light

If your Academic Dad spends a lot of his time researching topics in search of tidbits of information and lore that can only be found in dusty, antiquated old tomes, why not help him save his eyesight by getting him a handy, portable booklight? Attach it right on to the end of one of these crumbling old volumes, and he’ll have hours of reading pleasure, straight to the end of the night!

Our recommendation: LuminoLite Rechargeable Extra-Bright 4 LED Book Light


If your Academic Dad is the secretive type, or simply needs a place to take down all of his copious notes and workaday musings and impressions, why not get him a nicely embosses, personal journal? It’s the perfect place for him to keep track of his lesson plans, private plans, and miscellaneous thoughts!

Our recommendation: Littfun 320-Sheet Faux Leather Journal


If your Academic Dad has a large collection of textbooks, first editions, and musty old tomes, why not tidy them up a bit with a pair of classy, durable bookends? It’s the perfect gift for a Dad who has nearly everything…and no idea of how to properly store it all! These classic bookends are a great way to get him to tidy up his act!

Our recommendation: Fasmov Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Man Bookends

The DIY Guy

Every once in a blue moon, a family is blessed with the talents of a D.I.Y. Guy Dad. This type of Dad has a knack for fixing odds and ends, from refrigerators to radios, and all points in between! This Father’s Day, surprise your special Fix-It Dad with a host of gifts that are guaranteed to bring a smile to his face as he tinkers high and low around the house!


If your Handy Dad is suffering from a lack of organization, you know how frustrating it can be for him to not be able to find the correct tools when a job needs doing. This Father’s Day, why not put a stop to the hectic searching and salty language that arises on such occasions. Get him a brand spanking new toolbox, and let peace prevail!

Our recommendation: Stanley One-Latch Toolbox

Tool Set

If on last Father’s Day, you rewarded your Fix-It Handy Dad with a brand new toolbox, why not up the ante this year by getting him a sweet new set of tools? No matter what the job, there are tons of excellent tool sets out there that can satisfy your Handy Dad’s demand for equipment! So, set him up with some new tools, and spoil him!

Our recommendation: Stanley Mixed Tool Set


D.I.Y. Dads like to drill things. They’re always looking for an excuse to hammer something, or drill it. It’s just the way they roll. So, this Father’s Day, let your D.I.Y. Dad get his groove on with a brand new drill! No matter what the venue or the occasion, a powerful new drill in the hands of a Handy Dad is a wonderful thing to behold!

Our recommendation: DEWALT 18-Volt Compact Drill/Driver Kit

Tool Belt

If your Dad is a Handy Dad, you already know that he’s chronically addicted to hammering, drilling, and patching things together. So, when this Father’s Day rolls around, why not give your D.I.Y. Dad the gift of a lifetime: a brand new tool belt! All the searching around (and cursing out the family dog) will end when D.I.Y. Dad can finally fit all his tools in one handy, convenient place!

Our recommendation: Task Tools Weekend Warrior Apron with Polyweb Belt

Duct Tape

Duct tape, the American fixer upper! It works on everything (and, some say,everyone). Regardless of just why your Handyman Dad might need a fresh new roll of duct tape, just surrender to the inevitable and go out and get him one.

(Okay, if you do get him duct tape, be sure you get him a “real” gift to go along with it!)

Our recommendations: Duck Brand Metallic Color Duct Tape

The Movie Buff

If your Dad is a Movie Buff, you can make this Father’s Day a cinematic smorgasbord for him! Movie Buff Dads love to relax with a classic flick, so be sure to get him some creature comforts that will enhance his movie experience. You don’t have to make Hollywood money to ensure that his couch potato experience is second to none!

Big(ger) Screen TV

What better way to show your Movie Buff Dad how much you care than to purchase him his very own big screen TV to view all his favorite films in style on? Thanks to the ever expanding nature of technology, big screen TV’s are no longer the high ticket item they once were. Give your Movie Buff Dad his own personal theater!

Our recommendation: Samsung 50-Inch 1080p LED TV


If your Movie Buff Dad is a real perfectionist, what better idea is there for Father’s Day than to give him his very own projector? He’ll spend hours of joy relaxing in his personal private man cave, experiencing real cinematic quality images and sound via his own projector. If you’re serious about Father’s Day, this is the way to please your Movie Buff Dad!

Our recommendation: Crenova Home Cinema Theater Projector

Surround Sound System

If your Movie Buff Dad is a real Finicky Pete when it comes to movie quality sound, then there is simply no better gift to get him this Father’s Day than his own personal Surround Sound unit! Give your Movie Buff Dad the gift of perfect sound. He’ll experience every gun shot and squealing tire the way it was meant to be: loud and proud!

Our recommendation: VIZIO 38-Inch 5.1 Channel Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer and Satellite Speakers

Popcorn Machine

If your Movie Buff Dad loves his movies, but hates having to spend $20 to satisfy his mid-movie munchies, then here is the perfect solution! Get him his very own personal popcorn machine! He’ll appreciate having a supply of popcorn ready to hand while he watches his favorite flicks! Ask nicely, and we’re sure he’ll be happy to share!

Our recommendation: Great Northern Movie Theater Style Popcorn Machine

Universal Remote

Finally, the answer to your Movie Buff Dad’s prayers! We all know how Dads are with the remote control…hands off, Dad’s in charge! Now your Dad will have access to all of his favorite music and movie making machines! This handy Universal Remote will enable him to switch between movies, music, and TV at the flick of a button!

Our recommendation: Logitech Harmony Ultimate All In One Remote with Customizable Touch Screen Control

The Chef

A Chef Dad is a member of a rare and very special breed: Dads who can cook! And with your help, he’ll be able to whip up an appetizing dish with the very best of ’em! He may or may not be a Sous Chef outside of the household but, within it, he’s the “Kitchen King”! So, this Father’s Day, let’s honor your Chef Dad with a dish full of surprises he can’t turn down!

Nice Set of Knives

First on our list of Father’s Day treats for your Gourmet Dad is a nice set of knives! Your Gourmet Dad will be knocked out by the careful attention to detail that a good set of knives can provide! From chopping up onions to slicing a perfect rump roast, your Gourmet Dad will be eternally grateful to the devoted son or daughter who sharpens up his act by bestowing on him the proper tools of the trade!

Our recommendation: J.A. Henckels International Forged Premio 19-piece Knife Set

Spice Rack

What kitchen owned by a Gourmet Dad would be complete without a fully equipped modern Spice Rack? What’s that, you say? Your Gourmet Dad’s rack is a little old, and is missing a few key ingredients? Well, now is the time to correct his spice deficiency, and get him a sweet new rack that’ll freshen up his act!

Our recommendation: AllSpice Wooden Spice Rack

George Foreman Grill

Everyone knows the revolutionary effect that the George Foreman Grill has had on American home cooked cuisine…or do they? If your Gourmet Dad isn’t hip, now is the perfect time to school him! Catch him up in style with the latest version of the classic George Foreman Grill, which is bigger, better, and fancier than ever!

Our recommendation: George Foreman 4 Serving Removable Plate Grill

Food Scale

Let’s face it, not everyone possesses a knack for exactly and minutely measuring out the correct portions of food ingredients. Even your Gourmet Dad may experience a few hiccups here and there while preparing the family meal. So, this Father’s Day, why not make life easier for everyone with a snazzy new Food Scale that will take all the guesswork out of dinner?

Our recommendation: Elec3 Multi-function Digital Kitchen Food Scale

Food Processor

Not even Gourmet Dad is guaranteed to always possess the time necessary to personally prep every single ingredient of every meal to the exact minute recipe requirement. So, this Father’s Day, cheat time just a little bit by rewarding your Gourmet Dad with his very own Food Processor! Home brewed soups and Slushies never tasted so good, as when they’ve come fresh from the kitchen of your Gourmet Dad!

Our recommendation: Cuisinart 14-Cup Food Processor

The Cigar Aficionado

Some Dads enjoy nothing so much as a relaxing session with a big fat brown Stogie at the end of the day. If your Dad loves his cigars, chances are he’d appreciate some fine specimens and accessories for Father’s Day. Check out these great gift options, which we are sure will fit the bill!


If your Dad has a collection of world class stogies, but lacks a safe, secure place to store them, consider getting him a humidor. This classic desktop humidor from Quality Imports is sure to provide your Dad with a handy, convenient place to stash his favorite cigars. Flawless, secure construction, in a handy, portable size!

Our recommendation: Prestige Import Group Valencia Glass Top Humidor

Cigar Cutter

For this Father’s Day, why not deliver your Dad the kindest cut of all? This excellent new stainless steel Perfecto cigar cutter from Cuban Crafters will ensure a lifetime of classic, pro fitted, cuts, even for the most finicky and demanding of cigar loving Dads! After all, a woman is just a woman, but a perfectly cut cigar is a smoke!

Our recommendation: Colibri V-Cut Cigar Cutter


The cigar is well stored, finely aged, and perfectly cut…but what’s this? Someone forgot to get Dad a lighter to spark up his stogie with! Don’t let this happen to you on Father’s Day, or you may find yourself cut out of the will! Make sure you get your Dad a classic, durable, cigar lighter so that he’ll never go without an after dinner smoke!

Our recommendation: Zippo Armor Deep Carve Lighter


What’s a classic, well rounded, evening’s entertainment without a good old stogie to top it all off? Of course, the old adage “ashes to ashes, dust to dust” applies even here, so when you’ve cashed in your cigars for the night, make sure your Dad has a reliably constructed, stylish ashtray in which to respectfully deposit the remains!

Our recommendation: Summit Celtic Ashtray

Travel Case

If your Dad is a frequent flyer, whether on business or pleasure, he’ll need a handy carrying case to haul along his precious stogies! This Father’s Day, why not make sure he travels in style with all of his favorite cigars! This classy deluxe cigar travel case is snazzy, well built, and totally guaranteed to be reliable!

Our recommendation: Waterproof Cigar Travel Humidor

The Wine Aficionado

Does your Dad love classic vino, fresh from his own stock? If so, here’s a few gifts that are guaranteed to whet his palate on Father’s Day. If only the best will do for your wine loving Dad, here’s a few considerations that are sure to please!

Wine Stopper

If your dad is a true vino aficionado, chances are he’s always got a few half empty bottles of the good stuff lying around the kitchen. These high-end wine stoppers make sure that the last glass is as good as the first, even after a week! Every time he doesn’t have to throw a bottle down the drain, he’ll be thanking you for the best Father’s Day gift ever!

Our recommendation: OXO SteeL Wine Stopper and Pourer

Wine Rack

This classic 12 bottle wine rack from Oceanstar will store all of your Dad’s favorite vinos in fine style. Not only is the unit portable, durable, and extremely convenient to use, it’s also stylish designed and built. So, when your Dad reaches for a relaxing nightcap or afternoon bump with his meal, let him feel like a vineyard owner with his own private stock!

Our recommendation: Wine Racks America 12 Bottle Wine Rack

Cork Screw

No gift of wines for a Wine Loving Dad is complete without a few good corkscrews to insure that his vino stays taut, fresh, and vigorous, even after months or years of storage! These classic cork screws are handy, durable, and more than adequate to the task! These corkscrews are ergonomically designed for maximum satisfaction!

Our recommendation: Secura Stainless Steel Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Wine Glasses

What collection of top class vino is complete without classy wine glasses to pour it into? If your Dad loves to entertain friends and family with a glass of wine at social gatherings, get him some glasses that will show off his collection with maximum grace and style! Remember, presentation is everything, so always make sure your Dad is working with the best materials!

Our recommendation: Paksh / Bormioli Rocco Restaurant Red Wine Glasses

Wine Decanter

Every wine lover knows that there are significant benefits involved in aerating your stock of wine every once in a while. So, when your wine loving Dad needs to air out his collection, make sure he’s got the best tools to work with. This classic wine decanter from Final Touch really delivers the goods! Dad will really appreciate your thoughtfulness and knowledge!

Our recommendation: Bella Vino Wine Decanter and Aerator

The Gamer

Your Gaming Dad is a guy who takes his computer gaming experience seriously. He’s the one who knows his RPG’s from his MMORPG’s, and so forth. So, when Father’s Day comes around and it’s time to pay your respects, make your Gamer’s day the best he’s ever had! Maximize his gaming experience, and show him your love!

Gaming Chair

When it’s time to give your Paterfamilias a gift on his special holiday, why not present your Gaming Dad the ultimate fantasy gift for a game loving couch potato? Give him a sweet new Gaming Chair, such as this one, which is filled to the brim with creature comforts, including a wireless internet connection! It doesn’t get any sweeter than this!

Our recommendation: BestOffice High-back Racing Chair

Gamer Cash

Gift cards are usually a pretty lame gift, but for a gamer, money that they can use on the Playstation Store/Xbox Live/Nintendo eShop is pure gold! It lets them buy not only any games they have their eye on, but all sorts of other things like system themes, DLC for their favorite games, character skins and all sorts of other cool stuff.

Get Xbox Live Store cash on

Get PlayStation Store cash on

Get Nintendo eShop cash on

A New System

Here’s a real no-brainer if you’re really stuck for a gift on Father’s Day. If your Gaming Dad has a system that is antiquated or just plain conked out, get him a brand new one! Whether your Gaming Dad prefers Playstation, Nintendo, or Xbox, there’s bound to be some new version of the system he already has, and he’ll assuredly love you for getting it for him!

Get an Xbox One on

Get a Playstation 4 on

Get a Wii U on

Gaming Headset

If your Gaming Dad is grousing about a faulty or simply obsolescent headset, it’s a cinch that he’d love a new one for Father’s Day! So, log on to the internet and get him a fantastic new Gaming Headset that will entertain his ears while his eyes stay focused on the screen! It’s the gift that truly keeps on giving!

Our recommendation: HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset

A New TV Or Monitor

Of course, the ultimate gift you can get your Gaming Dad on Father’s Day just has to be a brand new TV or monitor. Whether your Gaming Dad is a PC or console gamer, you can do him proud on Father’s Day by getting him a brand new venue for his favorite games! It’s a gift that he’s bound to remember with gratitude every time it’s time to play some games for years to come!

Our TV recommendation: Samsung UN50J5000 50-Inch 1080p LED TV on

Our monitor recommendation: Acer 23.8-Inch Widescreen Monitor on

The Techie

If you’re lucky enough to have a Techie Dad, you probably already have an excellent idea of what to get him this coming Father’s Day: gear and more gear! Techie Dad is a tech savvy animal, who thrills to news of all the latest technological developments. In fact, hes probably thinks he’s hipper than you are! So prove him wrong with lots of stuff that even he hasn’t heard about yet!

Laptop Case

It seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? But, all the same, you’re bound to be surprised by the number of people, Techie Dad included, who may not be wise to this simple but effective idea: computers tend to get damaged when they aren’t safely stored away in cases. So make sure your Techie Dad’s precious machine has a safe home during long trips or moving days!

Our recommendation: Case Logic 15.6-Inch Laptop Attache

External Hard Drive

An external hard drive, with plenty of GB space, ought to be just the ticket to back up your Techie Dad’s precious files. With all the information you can fit on the very latest USB hard drive models, there’s no reason for your Dad to be stuck with a slow machine that’s filled to capacity! Break him out of limbo with the key to speedy freedom!

Our recommendation: Seagate Expansion 5TB External Hard Drive

A New/Bigger Monitor

If your Techie Dad is still primarily operating from home via a PC, why not surprise him this Father’s Day with a snazzy new computer monitor? The days of the old TV sized monitors are long gone, thank Heaven! Get him a sweet flat screen that will brighten up his image while simultaneously giving his eyes a much needed rest?

Our recommendation: Acer 23.8-Inch Widescreen Monitor

Laser Printer

If your Techie Dad works from home, or is in frequent need of printing out data, texts, or whatever, why not surprise him this Father’s Day with a jazzy new Laser Printer? He’ll love a chance to print out even more information than ever, and he might even become a handyman from all the new knowledge he suddenly has quick, easy access to!

Our recommendation: Brother HL-L2300D Monochrome Laser Printer

Computer Speakers

If your Techie Dad doubles as an Audiophile Dad, chances are he’ll surely relish a brand spanking new pair of speakers, come Father’s Day! We’ve all heard the classic complaints about the woefulness of “cheesy PC speakers” so, this Father’s Day, let’s do something about it! A pair of sweet new speakers is sure to brighten Techie Dad’s sonic landscape, even if he only uses them to listen to Beyonce!

Our recommendation: Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers

The Coffee Fiend

Does your Dad love nothing better than to wake up in the morning with a freshly brewed cup of steaming hot java? The gifts listed below are sure to get his taste buds tingling, and his parental senses rejoicing, at the love you show him on Father’s Day!

Coffee Sampler

This excellent selection of top notch flavors from Coffee Bean Direct is a great way to pamper your Coffee Lovin’ Dad on his special day. You get 10 sensational flavors, including Colombian Supremo, Italian Roast Espresso, and many more! In addition, your Dad will love the extras that come with the package: two coffee mugs, and a surprise gift: an extra coffee bag, thrown in for free! Nothing says “I love you, Dad” like mucho free stuff!

Our recommendation: Coffee Sampler Gift from The Swiss Colony

Stainless Steel Mug

Get your Dad a classic Stainless Steel Coffee Mug for him to pour his Java into each morning! He’ll love the cold, metallic design and the sturdy, durable construction. Inexpensive, classic, and built to last: just like your Dad himself!

Our recommendation: Chinook Timberline Double-wall Mug

French Press Coffee Maker

Your Dad will love this classic French Press coffee maker, which comes with the capacity to brew up 12 fresh cups of the good stuff, on each and every occasion! If your Dad is a true coffee gourmet, there’s no way he’ll be able to resist the chrome plated lid and frame, as well as the stainless steel plunger. Long lasting, durable, safe, and extremely convenient!

Our recommendation: Bodum Chambord Coffee Press

Keurig Machine

If your Dad is the kind of guy who shows a bit of versatility in his brewing choices, he’ll love it if you get him the brand new Keurig Machine. This sweet new invention lets him choose between coffee and tea as his preferred brew of the moment. Coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon: however your Dad likes it, the Keurig will accomplish it!

Our recommendation: Keurig Single-Cup Brewing System

Espresso Machine

What Father’s Day gift suits your coffee lovin’ Dad better than his very own customized Espresso Maker? Luckily, this new excellent new dual-purpose Espresso and Capuccino maker from De’Longhi is truly top of the line! The secret of perfection is in the construction, as the De’Longhi contains two separate thermostats, which allow water and steam pressure to be precisely and independently controlled. Dad will really flip his wig over this Java Jalopy!

Our recommendation: De’Longhi 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

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