The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide

The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mom. You probably love her more than anyone in the world, but when Mother’s Day comes around and it’s time to show her how special she is, you just have no idea what to get for her! Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Shopping for gifts is hard, no matter who you’re shopping for.

Whether your Mom is on the younger or older end of the “Mom age spectrum”, she’s bound to have some sort of hobby or interest. So, we’ve selected several common “Mom hobbies” and come up with a few gift ideas for each of them – find the title that best describes your Mom below, and click it to see the gift ideas for that type of Mom!

  1. The Gardener
  2. The Chef
  3. The Crafter
  4. The Runner
  5. The Yogi
  6. The Wine Aficionado
  7. The Coffee Fiend
  8. The Bookworm
  9. The Football Mom

The Gardener

Gardening Gloves

Most gardeners are going to have a pair of these already (unless they prefer getting down and dirty with their bare hands) but gardening gloves always tend to wear out pretty quickly, so having a backup pair is certainly a good thing! However even to the most fanatic gardener, getting gardening gloves as a gift is probably pretty close to getting socks as a gift, so if you do decide to get them gardening gloves you might want to look for something else to get them along with them.

Our recommendation: Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Working Gloves

Garden Hose

Alright, most gardeners probably already have one of these as well, but just like the gloves they can tend to wear out quickly when you use them a lot. They also might not have one of these fancy “no kink” hoses, which are unquestionably great to have – just ask anyone who’s tried to use a regular garden hose around the yard for pretty much anything. If you get them one of these garden hose reels to go with it, their garden hose problems will disappear completely and they’ll probably love you forever!

Our recommendation: NeverKink Extra Heavy Duty Garden Hose

Garden Statue

When you have a big garden, you can never really have too many garden statues. Okay, you probably CAN have too many garden statues, but more than likely your beloved gardener has at least one spot where they could put another one. There are all kinds of different garden statues you can buy, from pretty, artsy ones to less serious, humorous ones, and everything in between. Just be sure to get them one that will go with whatever theme they have going on in their garden already – if their garden is full of beautiful birds and angels, and you get them the statue we’re suggesting, they might not be too happy!

Our recommendation: The Great Garden Gnome Massacre

Flower Pots

Gardeners always love to have an excuse to buy more flowers, and when you give a gardener flower pots as a gift, you aren’t just giving them the flower pots – you’re giving them that excuse! When you think about it that way, something that seems like a rather boring gift turns into a rather clever gift. Just be sure to get them some nice, pretty flower pots and not some boring plastic ones or something, because that’d still be a pretty lousy gift. And just like with the garden statue, try to get them flower pots that will go along with the ones that they already have. Having decor that clashes is always such a pain!

Our recommendation: Jewel Tone Flower Pot Trio

Gardening Kneepad

this is one of those things that, for most people, probably falls under the category of “that’d be nice to have, but I don’t really need it”. Being down on your knees in the dirty doesn’t seem so bad – and well, it’s really not – until you’ve seen how nice it is to have one of these squishy knee pads. Once you try it you’ll never go back!

Our recommendation: InSassy Garden Kneeler Wave Pad

The Chef

Nice Set of Knives

A good set of knives are an absolute must for any mom that loves to cook. Most people tend to just get by with a mediocre set of knives (they do “get the job done”, after all) but once your mom tries out the high end set of knives you got her for Mother’s Day, she’ll never want to go back! Just be sure to reminder her that she’ll need to sharpen them occasionally to keep them in tip top shape.

Our recommendation: J.A. Henckels International Forged Premio 19-piece Knife Set

Spice Rack

Your mom surely has a collection of herbs and spices already, but if she’s like me she probably has them all stowed away in a cabinet, which means digging through and shuffling your zillions of spice containers around to find the ones you’re looking for. Save her all that time and trouble every time she wants to cook something by getting her a proper spice rack! Not only will it make finding the spices she needs a lot easier, but it looks pretty nice too.

Our recommendation: AllSpice Wooden Spice Rack

George Foreman Grill

Grilling isn’t just for dads! With a George Foreman grill, your mom will be able to grill up some nice chicken or burgers anytime of the year. And as an added bonus for dad, the “real” grill can still be dad’s special place.

Our recommendation: George Foreman 4 Serving Removable Plate Grill

Food Scale

Even if you’re not trying to meticulously track your caloric intake, a food scale can make cooking in general a lot easier. Instead of measuring each ingredient out individual in separate measuring cups and measuring spoons, you can just pop a bowl on your scale and add the proper weight of each ingredient to the bowl. The amount of dishes you WON’T have to wash alone makes having a food scale completely worth it. And if your mom happens to decide to go on a diet, she’ll be extra prepared!

Our recommendation: Elec3 Multi-function Digital Kitchen Food Scale

Food Processor

Chances are, even if your mom is a pretty savvy chef, she still might not have a food processor. After all, it’s one of those things you don’t really need, since you can always just chop stuff up with your trusty knife and cutting board. But boy does having a food processor save you a lot of time (and in the case of chopping onions, a lot of pain and tears)!

Our recommendation: Cuisinart 14-Cup Food Processor

The Crafter

Cutting Machine

Typically only the most hardcore crafters have a cutting machine, because they’re so expensive for one thing, but also because you usually only use them for pretty “hardcore” crafting projects. So if your boyfriend or girlfriend is really into crafts and doesn’t already have one of these, they’ll absolutely love this. They’re probably already dreaming of owning one, but haven’t already bought one because they’re pretty expensive like I mentioned before, and spending a lot of money on a hobby can be hard to justify for some people.

Our recommendation: Brother ScanNCut 2 Home & Hobby Cutting Machine

Encyclopedia of Crafts

Although there’s a nearly infinite supply of craft ideas of all kinds readily available on the internet nowadays, sometimes it’s nice to just get away from the computer for a while and tuck yourself away into your little “crafting corner” with an old fashioned book full of craft ideas. And when it comes to craft books, there’s certainly a wide array to choose from, but the Encyclopedia of Crafts is one of the few that many would consider a “must have”! Some might even say it’s extra cool because it’s written by one of the few famous homemakers who’s also a felon!

Get it on Amazon: Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts

Craft Storage

Anyone who’s serious about arts and crafts is always in need of more storage for all of their various craft supplies – whether it’s because they’re out of space already, or simply because they want to buy more but wouldn’t have anywhere to put the new stuff. Now although this is almost certainly a great gift idea for your special crafty person, I’d suggest also getting them some new craft supplies to go with their new storage space. Additional storage is great but it’s not very much fun to “play” with.

Our recommendation: ArtBin Super Satchel

Cutting Mat

One of these self-healing cutting mats is pretty much a must-have for anyone who does a lot of cutting (with x-acto knives, etc). Well, if they don’t want to cut their desk or table to bits, that is. If your crafter doesn’t already have one of these, they definitely need one! But as with the craft storage you should probably get them something to use with it, like this X-Acto Knife Set perhaps? They might already have an X-Acto knife, but having an entire set with all its different sizes and shapes of blades would open up all sorts of possibilities for their crafty adventures.

Our recommendation: Professional Self Healing Cutting Mat

Sewing Machine

this is pretty self-explanatory, but if your crafty person doesn’t already have a sewing machine they probably want one. A sewing machine opens up tons of possibilities when it comes to fabric crafts, because without one, the crafts that require a sewing machine are impossible. It’s always a bummer to see some nifty craft idea on Pinterest only to discover you need a sewing machine to make it! And no, you can’t just sew it by hand! I mean, unless you’re some kind of master seamstress or something, maybe.

Our recommendation: Brother Feature-Rich Sewing Machine

The Runner

Running GPS Watch

A GPS watch might seem like something only the most serious runners would need, but even a casual runner can benefit from having one. It’s always fun to track your mile times whether you’re a casual runner or a marathon runner, and it’s pretty tough to do that without some sort of GPS tracking device unless you’re running on a marked track. They can also do other things like monitor your heartrate, and the fancy ones (like this Garmin one) can even link up with your phone and show you your missed calls, texts, and way more – a lot more than I would ever think you would need on a watch you use for running!

Our recommendation: Garmin Vívoactive Black

Running Socks

Everyone already knows that if you’re going to run a lot, you should get some nice running shoes, but no one really gives any thought to the socks they wear. And for most people, it’s probably not really a big deal. But if you’re running tens of miles every week, the kind of socks you run in can make a huge difference. That’s where running socks come in, which are made to be extra comfortable and durable for runners so their feet can stay nice and healthy and all that good stuff. Socks are usually a pretty bad gift, but I think you might be able to make an exception in this case!

Our recommendation: Balega Hidden Comfort Athletic Running Socks

Running Shoes

Now here’s the classic gift for a runner – running shoes. Shoes are definitely the one thing any runner can never have too many of, because they wear their running shoes out so quickly. Plus there’s just something about a brand new pair of running shoes that makes you feel like you can run faster than usual, kind of like putting flames on the side of a car. Just be sure you get them a nice looking shoe that suits their style and matches their running outfits!

Our recommendation: ASICS Men’s GEL Venture 5 Running Shoe

Foam Roller

Even people who don’t run know that if you do run, you need to stretch a lot so you stay loose and don’t end up wound up in a big knot of tight muscles. But in recent years it’s becoming more and more popular to not only stretch, but to also do what’s known as “myofascial release” using a foam roller, which is basically where you roll the foam roller over your muscles over and over and it loosens them up. It’s sort of like when you beat up a piece of chicken with a meat tenderizer, but like… a lot more gentle. Anyways, like stretching, it’s really good for your body and helps you feel good and stay loose.

Our recommendation: Athren Foam Roller

Running Waist Pack

If you’ve ever gone for a run with anything remotely heavy in your pockets (like keys or a phone) you became aware pretty quickly that you had a problem. Not only does the stuff in your pockets swing around making you look silly and feel uncomfortable, but there’s also the chance that it might fall out and cause you an entirely new set of problems. But now, thanks to the invention of the running waist pack, you can save your loved one’s sanity! They just tie this thing around their waist and put all the stuff they need to take with them on a run in it. No more swinging and no more stuff falling out of their pockets!

Our recommendation: FlipBelt Zipper

The Yogi

Yoga Mat

It’s pretty tough to do yoga without a yoga mat! Your yogi likely already has one, but it’s always good to have a backup just in case. And as with many of these other gift ideas, you can always get them a fancier version of the one they already have, since they might just have a basic version that merely “gets the job done”. The small luxuries in life, like say a soft, lush, skidless yoga mat, are the best luxuries!

Our recommendation: Yogitoes Skidless Mat Size Towel

Yoga Mat Bag

I suppose this might just be a gift you would get along with a yoga mat, but if they already have a yoga mat and no yoga mat bag, they’d surely appreciate having a bag to put theirs in! It keeps their mat nice and safe from the elements, and makes them easier to transport to and from their yoga classes.

Our recommendation: BalanceFrom Yoga Mat Bag


Clearly this gift idea is just for the ladies, but if your lady loves yoga, she probably loves leggings too. Yoga and leggings go together like peanut butter and jelly… they’re just the perfect pants to wear when you wanna do yoga. With all the different patterns and designs they have to offer, you’re bound to find at least a few pairs of them that she doesn’t already have.

Our recommendation: Printed Brushed Leggings

Yoga Headband

If you have short hair, you probably don’t really need a headband when you do yoga, but if you have luscious locks you’re probably already well aware that your hair is constantly getting in the way of your more “creative” yoga positions. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is one of those people blessed with a head of long, beautiful hair, and they don’t already have a headband for yoga, it would make a great gift for them. They probably don’t even realize they could do something about their hair getting in their way, and once you get them one they’ll wish they had gotten one a lot sooner!

Our recommendation: Oureamod Wide Headbands

Incense Burner

this isn’t really directly related to yoga, but a lot of people who practice yoga also enjoy burning incense while they do it to further promote a sense of inner calm. And if they don’t enjoy doing this already, they just might start to after you get them this incense burner as a gift! Heck, they might even like to burn incense when they’re not doing yoga. Incense is awesome!

Our recommendation: Medoosky Ceramic Incense Burner

The Wine Aficionado

Wine Stopper

If your mom prefers to partake in her favorite beverage in moderation (and we hope she does!) then she’ll definitely be able to put a wine stopper to good use. Yes, she could always just reuse the cork, but as you may know the cork frequently ends up getting destroyed when you open the bottle, and even when it doesn’t, it doesn’t seal the bottle as well as a proper stopper does.

Our recommendation: OXO SteeL Wine Stopper and Pourer

Wine Rack

Save your mom from having to store her wine collection up in a cabinet or all over her counter by getting her a nice wine rack! It makes her wine collection double as a nice decoration for her house.

Our recommendation: Wine Racks America 12 Bottle Wine Rack

Cork Screw

If you have a mom who digs wine, she surely has a basic corkscrew already (or perhaps just a rock climber’s grip) since she has to open her bottles of wine somehow. But why not give her a nice little upgrade in the cork screw department? A nice electric one will remove the trouble of even having to twist and turn the cork screw at all.

Our recommendation: Secura Stainless Steel Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Wine Glasses

Your mom hopefully has a set of wine glasses already (and doesn’t just drink it straight from the bottle), but even if she does, she’ll certainly appreciate having a fancier set of crystal wine glasses. You might consider also getting her a wine glass rack so she can show off her new wine glasses now that she has a set worth displaying!

Our recommendation: Paksh / Bormioli Rocco Restaurant Red Wine Glasses

Wine Decanter

Only a true wine aficionado can really appreciate the difference between regular wine and decanted wine, but if this describes your mom then she’ll surely appreciate you introducing her to the world of wine decanting. Once she’s tasted the difference she’ll never be able to go back!

Our recommendation: Bella Vino Wine Decanter and Aerator

The Coffee Fiend

Coffee Sampler

Your mom probably already has a tried and true favorite coffee that she drinks every day, but every coffee lover is always open to trying a new bean or blend. You never know when you might discover your new favorite! With a coffee sampler, she’ll be able to try several different beans and blends without having to commit to a whole bag of some new flavor that she might not even like.

Our recommendation: Coffee Sampler Gift from The Swiss Colony

Coffee Mug

The funner your coffee mug is, the better the coffee tastes… or that’s how it seems at least! Get your mom a nice coffee mug that will remind her of you every morning. You could go the more personal route and get one with a picture of you (or your family, or your kids, or whatever) or you could just go with one that has her favorite characters or colors on it. You’re never too old for a totally rad Ninja Turtles mug!

Our recommendation: Chinook Timberline Double-wall Mug

French Press Coffee Maker

There’s really no coffee like coffee made with a French press. The increased amount of time that the water is in contact with the coffee grounds gives you a richer and deeper flavor than almost any other brewing method can provide. Of course, it’s a little more inconvenient than other methods because you have to clean the press, but when you have a bit of extra time it’s more than worth it!

Our recommendation: Bodum Chambord Coffee Press

Keurig Machine

The Keurig is like the polar opposite of the French press – it brews a cup of coffee almonst instantly and has no cleanup, but the quality of the coffee is lower. However, the convenience can’t be beat, and the quality of the coffee it makes really isn’t THAT bad, so when you’re in a rush it can’t be beat!

Our recommendation: Keurig Single-Cup Brewing System

Espresso Machine

Espresso is great, but usually you can only get it at coffee shops and it tends to be pretty expensive. But when your mom has her very own espresso machine, she’ll be able to have it whenever she wants at a greatly reduced price! As an added bonus for both you and your mom, it’ll give you and her other kids an added incentive to come and pay mom a visit – to get some of that sweet homemade espresso!

Our recommendation: De’Longhi 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

The Bookworm


Most people just use books themselves as bookends, but if want to kick the “fanciness level” of your book collection up a notch, some cool looking bookends will surely do the trick. A word of warning – you should probably make sure that whoever you’re buying this for actually has space on their bookshelf for bookends! And well, if they don’t, maybe you could buy them a new bookshelf along with their bookends so they can finally have more space to buy even more books.

Our recommendation: Fasmov Stainless Steel Man Bookends


Even the most old fashioned bookworm has to admit that having an e-reader is pretty dang handy. You can carry literally thousands of books in a single tiny device, and if you somehow manage to run out of reading material, you can just download even more books from outer space. That’s definitely something one of those old fashioned paper books can’t do! Jokes aside, even if you do enjoy reading paper books most of the time like a lot of bookworms do, having an e-reader can still be great for things like long car trips or vacations.

Our recommendation: Kindle Paperwhite

Reading Lamp

No reading nook is completely without an adjustable reading lamp! Getting the lighting just right is crucial to having an enjoyable reading experience, especially if you’re one of those diehard bookworms that enjoys reading for hours at a time. Plus who knows, having an adjustable lamp might come in handy for other things too. You could put a desk nearby and use it as a drawing lamp or something, I dunno.

Our recommendation: Brightech Litespan Adjustable Reading Lamp

Your Favorite Book

Yes you read that right – not their favorite book, YOUR favorite book. Assuming your taste doesn’t suck, your significant other will love to receive your favorite book from you, and hopefully love reading it as well. We share things like food and music that we love with people we care about, so why not books too? Be sure to write some sort of note on the inside cover or something too for a nice romantic touch.

Our recommendation: Dune by Frank Herbert

Fancy Bookmarks

Now let’s be real, no one really “needs” fancy bookmarks, because you can use literally anything flat as a bookmark. Or – if you’re related to Satan – you can just dogear the pages to mark your place in a book. But I think deep down we would all love to have fancy bookmarks with nifty designs and tassels just because they’re neat, but we don’t really want to go out and spend our money on them – which makes them the perfect gift! However I’d have to recommend that you get something else alongside the bookmarks, or they’ll probably be a bit disappointed. “You got me… a bookmark?”

Our recommendation: Shoot for the Moon Beaded Bookmark

The Football Mom

NFL Jersey

Every football fan needs a jersey! Get your mom a jersey from her favorite team, or the jersey of her favorite player (if she has one) and she’ll finally be able to properly show her team pride whether she’s cheering them on from home or at a game!

Get authentic NFL jerseys on

NFL-themed Mini Fridge

Mini fridges are just for guys and their beer! Get mom an NFL-themed mini fridge and she’ll have somewhere nice to store snacks (and hey, maybe she likes beer too!) within easy reach during those intense playoff games.

Our recommendation: NFL Counter Top Refrigerated Beverage Center

An Old Fashioned Football

Your mom might not be able to get much out of a plain old football, so we’d recommend maybe getting it signed or something. Put your own personal touch on it at the very least!

Our recommendation: Wilson NFL MVP Football

Huge Foam Finger

This is kind of a silly one, but if your mom’s a true football fan I’m sure she’ll get a kick out of it. Just be sure to get her something else alongside it, because come on, only getting your mom a foam finger for Mother’s Day?

Our recommendation: No. 1 Foam Finger, 18″

An Authentic NFL Football Helmet

Unlike a plain football, your mom could actually get some use out of a real football helmet because it’d be a pretty cool thing to display somewhere in the house. Just be sure she has somewhere to display it! It also doubles as protective headgear when fending off intruders and/or for the upcoming zombie apocolypse.

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